We currently offer two plans in beta shift

Simple plan. Routing for the zones (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV) of the domain.

No management. Updates by email twice a year.

Who is this for? For those who do not need frequent data updates, especially for domain investors.

Pricing starts at 5 EUR /domain/year

Standard plan. The routing of the zones is the same as in Simple plan.

Management using the Virtualmin Professional web interface

Who is this for? For those who need frequent updates for domains. Developer friendly.

Pricing starts at 10 EUR /domain/year

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High Performance

Modern datacommunication needs fast and reliable name and DNS services. Core services of Domainparkki.com are built on high availability PowerDNS software products.

PowerDNS solutions are focused on large-scale DNS service providers, including mobile and fixed-line broadband operators, and hosting and cloud service providers."  Learn more

Reliable foundation

Data is processed and information requiring privacy is stored in the data centers of Hetzner in Helsinki, Finland and Falkenstein in Germany (pic). Their server infrastructure is well monitored, with fast connections and behind strong firewalls.

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